Chevrolet HHR Collision Repair

We all understand that accidents can occur at any given moment. At the grocery store parking lot, at an intersection, and or even on your driveway while parked at home. This customer had woken up to a huge branch from high winds on top of her Chevrolet HHR. She began and her research and found a collision repair shop that can handle these types of damages.

Mother  nature can be very unpredictable and volatile at times. High winds are known to blow many different types of debris including trees and branches, which could fall on top of a vehicle and damage hoods, trunks and of course roofs. The damage can look quite scary but at the right collision repair shop wonders can be made. It is always very important to do your homework and find out the best collision repair shop that can provide high quality work.

This Chevrolet HHR suffered damage to the roof and door due to high winds breaking large branches onto the vehicle and surrounding areas. New parts were ordered and our technician began the process of removing the headliner, the roof panel and replacing the door. This is a process that requires great care so the structure and the integrity of the vehicle does not get affected.

The process of removing the roof of the vehicle is fully  inspected for any underlying structural damage. Any damage is fixed just like the way it left the factory.  The Chevrolet HHR goes through final inspection before prime and paint. After paint a new windshield is installed, the vehicle is fully detailed, inspected, and shining like a new penny! All collision repair work done at The Collision Repair Shop carries warranties and also The Collision Repair Shop waives deductibles and provide free loaners. Give us a call today and let us see if your eligible for any of these. Quality work is always found at The Collision Repair Shop.