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The Collision Repair Shop Ferndale, MI Audi Auto Body Work

The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale has trained and experienced technicians to service the all makes and models of vehicles through out Ferndale. At The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale we deliver quality work whether it is minor or major damage. You know time is important this why we have a quick turn around time. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale uses high quality auto motive paint as well as state of the art computer paint matching systems that will guarantee a perfect color match for your vehicle. The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale paint work is back by a lifetime warranty.

The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale is more then happy to answer any questions regarding anything to do with collision repair or how an insurance claim works. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale wants all of our customers who use our service to be well informed. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale wants make the experience of your collision repair as easy as possible. If you are going through your insurance company and filing a claim The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale works with every insurance company and will help waive your deductible all the way up to $1000.00 some restrictions may apply. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale can also help provide a free loaner. Some restrictions may apply. Your vehicle is the 2nd largest investment you can ever make. This is why at The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Repair we stand behind all of our work. We make sure everything is done right and our customers and there families are safe.

The Collision Repair of Ferndale Audi Hail Damage Repair

If your vehicle has ever been damaged during a hail storm, The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale uses state of the art tools to repair dings and dents cause by small hail to roof replacements from giant hail size of baseballs. If you decide to file a hail damage collision repair insurance claim, In the unfortunate event of really bad hail storm, fallen tree branches, fender benders or major collision, The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale is here to restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale will guarantee great craftsmanship on every repair that arrives at our door. We work every insurance company and will make sure the claim process will be as simple as ever. The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Repair works with any insurance company and will help you save $50 to $1000 off your insurance deductible. Some restrictions apply. If you need a car to drive while we are fixing yours, we have our own fleet of loaner cars readily available for our customers. Some restrictions apply.

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The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale Audi Repair

Todays vehicles consist of sophisticated construction. This requires continued education of our master technicians to meet the ends of your automobiles. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale provides our technicians with rigorous training so that an exact duplication of original manufacturer specifications down to the vehicle's fit and finish which is the end result of a professional repair inside and out.

The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale will restore your car performance (how it steers, handles, rides, and operates), its mechanics (engine, drive train, balance & alignment), and the fit and finish (seams between the hood, fenders, grill, and bumpers) to ensure that it is true to manufacturer specifications.

The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale standard practice is to use only original equipment (OE) parts. If the car is an older model, if OE parts aren't available, or if you and your insurance company want to be economical, we can provide like kind quality parts. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale even provide a complimentary V.I.P. detail of your vehicle at time of service, and lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. You can rest assured your vehicle will be restored to its original pre-accident condition. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale provides a lifetime limited warranty on the workmanship and paint finish for all of our collision repairs. For terms, conditions and limitations applicable to this warranty, please contact The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Repair to obtain a copy of the written warranty.

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The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale Audi  Lease Turn In Specialists

It is important for our customers who choose to lease, rather than buy a vehicle to understand that you can be charged for what the dealership deems as excessive wear and tear. We have witnessed it many times... dents and dings, scratched bumpers and damaged interiors resulting in unpleasant extra charged upon the end of the lease contract. The technicians at The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale will help you avoid these additional charged by assessing and repairing the necessary things.

No one wakes up in the morning and plans on getting into an accident. Accidents are no fun and very stressful and the process of filing a claim can be time consuming. This is where The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale can take the frustration of the insurance process and deliver your car to its original, pre-accident condition. The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Repair will make every process as easy as possible.

The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale knows insurance company polices so you don't have to. The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale works will all insurance companies. We can help process you insurance claim for you. The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Repair will contact your insurance company and arrange for an adjuster to inspect your car. We can determine if your auto body repair will be suitable for a claim. Whatever the situation is we are here to save you money and provide you with great quality work. Once you try our service we will guarantee you that you and your loved ones will use and recommend us to other people seeking great quality repairs.

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The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale Audi

Audi is a company that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes automobiles and motorcycles. It's headquarters is in Germany. Audi is a worldwide company. There are seven production facilities that produce Audi vehicles. In 1966, he Audi AG is mostly owned  subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. After that the purchase of Audi AG's predecessor increased. The Volkswagen launched the Audi brand with the  introduction of the F103 series. The founder of the Audi company is August Horch. The company was named after him, "Horch" in Latin is Audi. Each ring for the symbol of the Audi represent one car company that worked to get the company, so all together there were four car companies. The slogan for the Audi is "vorsprung durch technik" which means "advancement through technology". In the U.S, Audi's slogan is "truth in engineering".

       The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale Audi Mechanic Repair

Audi workers have many unrivaled experienced skills. There are trained technicians which are the first choice for your Audi. It can be a  chip or an accident, The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale will have the skills to fix the vehicle to its original condition. The auto shop does a lot to make the process as easy and fast for the customers comfort. The process is; getting the vehicle, having and making an estimate, insurance, ending with your Audi back to it's original state.

    The auto repair shop will fix the problems that are wrong with Audi vehicles. The auto repair station prices vary so the customer can call in or stop by and ask about their specific situation. The repair shop may charge a flat rate for labor auto repairs. The rate that the auto shop will charge is based on an independent or manufacturer's estimate of the time required to complete the auto repairs.  Others charges that will be given may be from the actual time the Audi mechanic worked on the auto repair. If the job is expensive or will be a complicated auto repair, the customers can always ask the mechanics in the auto shop. Auto shops that do diagnostic work will be able to sell parts needed for the repair.  While getting work done have a written estimate done. The written estimate will identify the condition to be repaired, it will also include the parts needed, and the  labor charge. The customer will get a signed copy from the Audi auto mechanic.  It will also state that the shop will contact you for approval before the mechanic does any work exceeding a specified amount of time or money

        The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale Audi Collision Repair

The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale knows how to fix your  Audi vehicle and get it back to the way it was before there was any accident. The workers are trained collision repair specialists and they are also up to date with the latest in Audi. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale is approved to  repair and service technology, the workers also are using custom tools and equipment to return the vehicle to its pre-collision condition. Many customers trust their vehicle to the workers at The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale.  The reason to choose The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale; authorized and certified repair technicians, parts are factory authorized, paint and pick up service.

When a collision occurs there are many things to do to get the vehicle back to it's original condition. While the vehicle is taken to a collision shop the worker will check the car out and talk to the customer about the things that need to be fixed and replaced. Then the customer and the worker come to a understanding of all the work that is going to be done. For mirrors there can be; auto glass replacement, chip repair, mirror replacement or window tinting. There are all types of impacts that can happen to a mirror or window so they all vary from what needs to be done.
What most people don't realize is how much protection a windshield actually gives. Not only does it protect from wind and all types of weather but it also protects the roof of the car crushing if the car has been flipped.
From big dents to small dents those can be fixed without the paint being chipped or ruined. Not only is the auto body fixed but so are the tires. The tires and wheel can be aligned for a safer and better drive.

After visiting The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale and having work done with your vehicle at our collision center, your car will look and drive like it is brand new. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale technicians remove dents, paint cars, and if parts can't be fixed our Collision Shop center will replace them. The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale is known for the best auto body repairs. We are known top quality work here at our collision center.  Our team of auto body repair technicians can also repair door skins, fiberglass repairs, MIG welding, large panel repair, panel alignment, and use nothing but the highest quality paint. Whether the damages on your vehicle are major or even minor our collision center can handle all types of auto body repairs; from  scratches, dents, scuffs and also replace/ paint body parts. 

You can rest assure that your vehicle will be repaired the right way here at our collision center. Our collision center also employs experts in all different types of auto body repairs and mechanic repairs. We make sure all of our technicians are certified before we put your car in their hands. Here at The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale , we have computerized equipment that are high tech and up to date. We can handle complicated and the worst restorations for your vehicle. 
Our collision center also works with all insurance companies to get your vehicle fixed quickly. Here at The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale we will give you fair and accurate estimates. The reason we do that here at our collision center is that you won't have to worry about any surprises popping up.  We don't want our customers to worry about anything when they're repairing their vehicle at our auto body repair center. If for some reason your car can not be driven to our facility. We offer a towing service for your convenience. Not only do we provides towing for your vehicle but also our collision center provides rental car services, so you would have a vehicle while your car is being repaired.​

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The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale History

     The automobile company Wanderer was established in 1885 and it became a branch of Audi AG. The NSU automobile company merged into Audi and supplied the chassis for Gottlieb Daimler's four-wheeler. In 1899, August Horch established the company A. Horch & Cie. in the Ehrenfeld district of Cologne. Horch had to leave the company because of an disagreement with the supervisory board. Horch started his second company in 1909, named the Horch Automobile-Werke GmbH. Later that year, Horch was out of the company. After those companies that he lost he started a new company in 2wickau, but he was still using the Horch brand. He was sued by his partners from the past companies because of trademark infringement, the German Supreme Court ruled against Horch.

The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Present

Audi has developed the e-tron electric drive powertrain system. Each of Audi's vehicles have different levels of size and performance. The  power is from the electric motors at all four wheels. Power is also from two electric motors at the rear axle. That concept can be the direction for a future mid-engine gas-powered 2-seat performance coupe. The Audi A1 e-tron concept is a hybrid vehicle with a range extending Wankel rotary engine. It provides power after the initial charge of the battery is depleted. That concept range has extending capability. Those vehicles are powered through the front wheels.

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The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale Fast and Affordable Audi Repair

I bet a few times you have looked at your vehicle and asked yourself I wish I can make my vehicle look like new again. You probably thought the imperfections on your vehicle maybe very expensive. At The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale we can repair your dings, scuffs, scratches and dents quickly and efficiently at a price that you can afford. Rubs and small nicks that can be brushed are provided to our customers for free. Yup, you've read correctly, for free!

-10 minute or less cost Estimate 
-Fast turnaround, in some cases the same day 
-Competitive pricing
-Quality repair process 
-Save on lease turn-in costs

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 The Collision Repair Shop of Ferndale Audi

There are numerous reasons of why you chose the vehicle you are in today. In fact, there's likely an extensive list. Remember the first time you saw the vehicle you decided to purchase. Whether its a car, truck or SUV. If you would like to fall in love with your vehicle all over again, The Collision Repair ShopAudi Repair of Ferndale technicians is ready to serve our customers with great quality repairs. Our team go through extensive training to keep up to date will all the new models that are coming out. Our technician's have been trained to buff out scratches, touch up paint jobs, remove dents and give your car a major or minor repairs to bring it back to the way it looked when you first laid eyes on it. Also whether your vehicle needs any new glass or any wheels, The Collision Repair Shop Audi Repair of Ferndale can install anything. Simply put, you can count on your car looking like it is years younger. And with the help of our onsite service and repair department, you can make sure your car drives as young as it looks, too. If you're ready to put our team to the test, come on in for a free estimate. 

Collision Repair

The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Audi Minor Damage

Minor repairs typically include wet sanding and or polishing of scratches that have not penetrated the base coat of the vehicles paint. Some minor repairs can include metal or plastic bumper repairs or replacement.

- 1 to 3 Days 
- $75 to $1,500

The Collision Repair Shop Audi of Ferndale Audi Moderate Damage

Moderate repairs generally are necessary when vehicles are involved in a collision where speeds were less than 20mph. They can require replacement of more than body panel, minor repair of structural components, multiple paint surfaces, and some mechanical work.

- 3 to 10 Days 
- $1,600 to $4,500

The Collision Repair Shop of Audi Ferndale Audi  Major Damage

Extensive replacement of components and body panels, possible replacement of certain structural parts, suspension parts, and or mechanical service.

- 10 to 31 Days 
- $4,000 to $25,000

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Acura Auto Body Repair MI

The Collision Repair Shop Audi Vehicles

Audi 100 (1968–1976)

Audi 80 (1972–1978)
Audi 50 (1974–1978)
Audi 100 (1972–1982)
Audi 80 (1978–1986)
Audi 200 5T (1979–1984)

Audi Quattro (1980–1991)
Audi 100 (1982–1990)
Audi 80 quattro (1980–1987)
Audi 90 (1984–1987)
Audi Coupe GT (1980–1987)
Audi Sport quattro (1983–1984)
Audi 80 (1986–1991)
Audi 90 (1986–1991)
Audi V8 (1988–1995)
Audi Coupe (1988–1995)

Audi 100/A6 (1991–1998)
Audi 80 (1991–1996)
Audi Cabriolet (1990–2000)
Audi A8 (1994–2003)
Audi A4 (1994–2001)
Audi A3 (1996–2003)
Audi A6 (1997–2006)
Audi Duo (1997)
Audi TT Coupe (1998–2006)
Audi TT Roadster (1999–2006)
Audi A2 (1999–2006)

Audi A4 (2001–2007)
Audi A4 Cabriolet (2001–2005)
Audi A8 (2003–2010)
Audi A3 (2003–)
Audi A6 (2004–2008)
Audi A3 Sportback (2005–)
Audi Q7 (2005–)
Audi A6 allroad quattro (2006–2011)
Audi A4 Cabriolet (2005–2009)
Audi TT (2006–)
Audi A4 (2007–)
Audi A5 (2007–)
Audi Q5 (2008–)
Audi TT 2.0 TDI quattro (2008–)
Audi A6 (2008–2011)
Audi A6 Cabriolet (2008–)
Audi A4 allroad quattro (2009–)

Audi A1 (2010–)
Audi A8 (2010–)
Audi A7 (2010–)
Audi A6 (2011–)
Audi Q3 (2011–)
Audi A6 allroad quattro (2012–)

Audi S and RS models
Audi S4 (1991–1994)
Audi Avant RS 2 (1993–1994)
Audi S8 (1994–2003)
Audi S6 (1999–2004)
Audi S4 quattro (1997–2002)
Audi S3 (1999–2003)
Audi RS 4 Avant (2000–2001)
Audi S4 (2002–2005)
Audi RS 6 (2002–2004)
Audi RS 4 (2006–2008)
Audi S4 (2006–2008)
Audi S8 (2006–2010)
Audi R8 (2007–)
Audi RS 6 V10 (2007–)
Audi TTS (2008–)

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