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The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, Michigan

The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, is one of the top collision repair facilities in Oakland County because we strive to provide nothing but the best quality care to you and your vehicle. We have many years of experience in providing quality collision repair to both domestic and imported vehicles along with fantastic customer service. All repairs are performed by our trained and certified technicians using solid craftsmanship, state of the art technology and equipment in compliance with all local and state codes and regulations, and cutting edge advances in engineering. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham has a reputation of providing quality collision repair, which is why many insurance companies prefer to work with us.

    Customer service is our first priority. Your car is an essential part of your day to day life, so at the Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, we go to great lengths to make your experience working with us as enjoyable as possible. We will address any needs and concerns by providing you with convenient assistance while accommodating your ordinary vehicle needs. Using the latest forms of technology, our technicians are able to communicate effectively with you to keep you updated on the status of your car. We also eliminate the inconvenience of dealing with the insurance company by communicating with all parties involved in the repair of your vehicle. Last, but not least, a lifetime warranty is provided on all work performed in our shop to guarantee the quality of our work.

The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham offers a variety of services to our customers in Birmingham.

When you arrive at The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, you will be amazed at the cleanliness of our facility and the friendliness of our staff. Your vehicle will be inspected and the relevant data will be entered using the most advanced technology to ensure an accurate and quick diagnosis of the problem. Then, you will receive an affordable estimate for all repairs necessary for your automobile. While waiting for your vehicle to be serviced by our expert mechanics, you may use a free car loaner (restrictions apply). Your car will be prepped and cleaned after the repairs are done so that it is returned to you looking and running like new! Your satisfaction is our main concern, so you may pick up your car at your convenience. All of the parts used for your vehicle have a lifetime warranty as well. At The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, you can trust your car will be taken care of!

Our mechanics specialize in providing the following services: outstanding repairs, attention to detail, metal finishing, body painting (as well as color matching) using our state of the art spray booth, refinishing, body work, custom work, dent removal, chrome work and frame repair.

     At The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, the expert auto mechanics who have dedicated their lives to the auto collision industry will repair any type of car or truck, domestic or foreign. The first thing we do is review damage reports, run all major and minor diagnostics with top of the line equipment, prepare cost estimates, and begin repairing your car immediately. Our auto experts begin by removing damaged body parts including bumpers, fenders, hoods, grilles, and the trim. Next, they realign car frames and chassis to repair any structural damage. If there are any dents or minor body damage, they will repair those too. Our technicians can perform other repairs including fixing door skins, fiberglass, MIG welding, large panel repairs, and panel alignment. After the car has been brought up to code, our collision repair experts fit, attach, and weld replacement parts into place if the original parts can't be fixed. Finally, they grind, sand, buff, and repair surfaces, and apply new finishes to restored body parts. The Collision Repair Shop also specializes in customized paint jobs. All of our customers leave completely satisfied with the professional work done to their car.

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The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, Michigan Technicians

At The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, the collision technicians and mechanics go through a vast variety of training. We always attend seminars and new programs. These programs keep us up to date with new designs and new ways to repair your vehicle the way it came out of the factory. At The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham we want our Birmingham residents to understand know we do everything in our power to maintain the best quality service we offer. 

Birmingham residents are always welcome to take a tour of our facility and if they want to see the progress of your vehicle. You can just come on in and one of our staff member will love to show you how it is coming along. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham understands that your very anxious in picking up your vehicle and tiered of driving a rental or being driven around. This is why our technicians go through these programs so that way they can solve problems in a timely fashion. We stand behind our work and word this is why Birmingham has rated us one of the best in the collision repair service.

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These Are Some Basic Information That Can Help You During A Car Accident In Birmingham, Michigan

Make sure everyone involved in the accident is ok.
Move all vehicles involved out of traffic if they are able to start.
Avoid moving an injured person as it might seriously complicate the injury.
Call the police by dialing 911 for assistance and if necessary, have them dispatch emergency medical services.
Gather information of all the individuals who were in the vehicles during the accident. Also gather information from witness who saw the accident occur. Write down the time, date and weather condition the accident occurred in.
Watch out for what you say, do not discuss "fault" or make statements about the accident to anyone but the police.
Exchange insurance company information and notify your insurance company immediately. This is important. If it is not convenient to contact your agent, telephone the nearest office.

Accidents Happen! Nobody plans to be in an accident, but The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham of collision repair center will take care of Birmingham residents if the unexpected does occur. Do you need to be towed? Do you need an estimate? Do you need help dealing with insurance? Let us help you!

     When you choose The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham as your collision repair  shop, the process is simple, we will write a computerized estimate and take digital pictures of the damage, contact your insurance company and reach an agreed repair price. We will order all parts for your vehicle. If your vehicle is drivable we will pre-order them and when they come in we will remove and install all the parts needed. We will handle your rental car reservation. All you need to do is bring your vehicle in for repairs and you are finished. We will handle all paperwork and will keep the insurance, rental car companies and of course you updated during the repairs. Your vehicle will be returned to you in pre-accident condition, or better. At The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham our Birmingham customers satisfaction comes first. 

Know your rights... Know these facts:

By law, you may have your car towed to and repaired at any repair facility you choose. Only one estimate is required to determine the amount of damage. - Getting more than one estimate wastes your time. Check with your agent to determine if a rental car is available under your policy. Make sure that the insurance company pays for all covered repairs. Choose a repair shop carefully. Your future safety depends on quality workmanship today.  The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham guarantees their repairs for as long as you own your vehicle.

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The Collision Repair Shop Collision Repair Process Birmingham, MI

Step 1: Inspection and estimate
    The repair process begins even before you leave your car with us. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham will assist the insurance companies of Birmingham residents in writing the estimate, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. If your vehicle is drivable, The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham will pre-order your parts to cut down on the time your car is in the repair shop. When it is time to drop off your car, one of our service professionals will arrange for a rental car to be waiting for you (some restrictions apply).

Step 2: The tear down
    Once our Birmingham customers bring their vehicle to the in the shop. It will be ready to be disassembled. Once parts have been removed, a secondary inspection will determine if there is any damage that couldn’t be detected initially. If more damage is found, a supplemental report will be completed, along with digital images, and sent to the insurance company. Once approved, any additional parts will be ordered and an updated completion date will be given.

Step 3: Body and structural repair
    The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham collision repair center uses measuring uses the state of the art measuring systems. More and more Birmingham customers are requiring the use of our state of the art measuring system as part of the repair process. It is by far the most sophisticated system available in the industry today. If needed, your vehicle will be placed on one of our unibody repair benches. New panels will be prepared and installed. Using the finest state of the art equipment we return the vehicle to like new factory condition quickly and professionally. Priming, sealing, and corrosion protection is added to the new parts. All work is inspected and tested. Once these steps are completed, the vehicle will be moved to the paint department.

Stage 4: Refinishing
    Final refinishing is completed in our heated downdraft dust-free spray booth. The new finish is baked to ensure a hard, durable factory quality finish. The paint system utilized consists of corrosion resistant primers, sealers, color coats and urethane clear coats to provide a smooth, glossy, rust free and chip resistant surface. To ensure a perfect finish, The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham collision repair center sprays the highest quality available. Each painter is thoroughly trained and certified to allow The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham collision repair center to offer the life time warranty on paint and body work for all of our Birmingham residents.

Step 5: The finishing touches 
    Parts that were removed for painting are reassembled, the vehicle is realigned, and climate control is checked for proper operation. The vehicle is then detailed and any extras (such as pinstripes) are taken care of. The vehicle is inspected looked at thoroughly. After it checks out, you will be notified and a time is set for picking up your finished vehicle.         

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The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, Michigan Car Tips

Washing your your vehicle is very important. Dirt, dust, and grime can damage your vehicle exterior look. Dirt can be burned into the paint due to hot temperatures. When washing your vehicle it is always a good idea to use two buckets, one for rinsing and one for shampoo. Do not ever wash your vehicle in the sun. Make sure your vehicle is always cooled down by hosing the entire vehicle, begin at the bottom when hosing down your vehicle. Use a quality wash kit, always wash from the top down and concentrate at one panel at a time. Once the vehicle is washed and rinsed, use a 100% cotton cloth to wipe off the extra water, begin at the top. Wipe all around the doors, hood, trunk, and your gas filter. 

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Here are some questions and things Birmingham, MI residents should consider before allowing the collision shop you chose to repair your vehicle:

Learn more about the collision shop you go to.  Reading and researching about the collision shop you take your vehicle to is very important. You can get a feeling of what type of work they collision shop does when researching them. If you know someone that has used the collision shop collision repair service you are taking your vehicle to, it is always great to go off word of mouth. 

What type of warranty comes with the collision shop work? Ask the collision shop about their warranty and all how long does their warranty last for. What is the collision shop paint warranty you have working on your vehicle. 

Does the collision shop have rental cars on their lot or does the collision shop you are taking it to provide car rentals? Being without a car is very difficult, you might need it to drive loved ones around and also go to work. The collision shop you will take your vehicle to should have a car rental program or help you figure out ways for you to get back and forth while the car is at the collision shop getting repaired. 

How long will your vehicle be at the collision shop? It is always a good idea to check on how long your vehicle will be while it is at the collision shop of your choice being repaired. How busy is the collision shop you chose? Is the collision shop open during the weekends and holidays? Is the insurance company coming out in time while your vehicle is at the collision shop being repaired. 

Is your car covered while it is in the the collision shop? If anything happens while your vehicle is at the collision shop you chose property, will it be covered. You want to be sure that your vehicle is covered in case it is damaged, destroyed, or stolen while it is at the collision shop you picked. 

Will the collision shop you chose match the paint exact to the rest of the car? All cars have paint codes that collision shops use to match the color of your vehicle. Although the collision shop you chose has the paint code, they can still mismatch your paint color. It takes really professionals to always hit the exact color on the money. Also asked them what type of paint is being used on your vehicle. You want the highest grade paint in the industry. Ask the collision shop you picked to look at there paint room, and show you something they have painted. 

How soon can you wash your car after leaving the collision shop? When leaving our collision shop, you can wash your vehicle right away. You will not have to wash it when it leaves our collision shop because it will already fully detailed inside and out. Carpets will be shampooed, interior will be also cleaned and wiped down. Some collision shops you choose do not do that. It is always good to ask the collision shop you chose about everything, and how to take care of the paint of your vehicle. 
Does the collision shop have any certifications? Most collision shops should have some sort of certifications, these are good signs that the collision shop you have repairing your vehicle knows and understands the key value of having good repairs. It doesn’t always mean that you will receive great collision repairs. Other research is required, to find the right collision shop. We have seen collision shops with every certificate possible and the work wasn’t up to par. Research and word of mouth is always the best recommendation. 
Will the collision shop put everything in writing? When you come to the collision shop you chose, ask the person you are dealing with to have everything in writing, if it is not in writing, it does not exist. Always have the collision shop give an itemized bill of the repairs if anything else has been added. Ask about your deductible, car rental, or any warranties. Do not be afraid to ask the collision shop you chose for anything. 
What is the collision shop you chose payment policy? Will the collision shop you chose work with you on the payment, collision work is not cheap, if you are short on some money, see what the collision shop you are going to can help you with. Here at The Collision Repair Shop is always here to help all of our customers. 

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Acura Auto Body Repair Shop MI

The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham Provides These Services For Our Birmingham Residents

  • On Sight Rental Cars
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Auto Glass Repair and Replace
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 24 Hour Service 7 Days A Week
  • Automotive Detailing Service (Free Detailing After Every Repair)
  • Towing Service
  • Highly Trained Service Technicians
  • State-Of-The-Art Paint Color Matching
  • Handle All Insurance Companies Claims
  • Free Estimates
  • Frame & Unibody Repair
  • Vehicle Restoration
  • Mechanical & Suspension

 What To Do In An Accident In Birmingham, MI 

Getting into an accident is certainly not on your agenda for the day. But, Accidents do happen all over Birmingham and when they happen you want the most professional Collision  shop collision center to repair your vehicle. When we provide with collision repair at The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, our technicians are experienced and skilled to return your vehicle back to brand new condition. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham collision repair center works with all major insurance companies. We provide all of our customers with a written estimate free at charge with no obligation on their collision repair. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham repair center has the latest technology in repair mechanics with a staff that are professionally trained and certified with any obstacle that comes their path. Our collision repair center utilizes some of the most advanced, high quality equipment in Southeast Michigan. We have two state-of-the-art downdraft paint booths which provide a dust-free environment to bake the paint on your vehicle for a factory finish. A top of the line frame machines with universal measuring systems ensure proper alignment of full frame and unitized bodies. A lift is available if inspection or collision repairs to the underside of your vehicle is needed. Finally, each technician has a full selection of high quality tools which assist them in performing an excellent repair. When you pick up your vehicle, you'll drive away with a lifetime warranty that will last as long as you own your car or truck. 

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The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, MI Collision Repair Facts

The truth is, some auto insurance companies will do everything they can to make sure they make a profit, using “Direct Repair Shops” who are encouraged to  cut corners, by using of after-market replacement parts, using unsafe repairs that look fine to the untrained eye but can end up endangering the lives of you and your loved ones. At The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, we are dedicated to help Birmingham residents for the simple principle that after your car has been wrecked it should be repaired properly and you should be compensated for any loss of value that has concurred. We work for YOU not the insurance company! 

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Vehicles We Service At The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, MI

Acura Alfa Romeo AMC Aston Martin Audi Avanti Bentley BMW
Bugatti Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Daewoo Daihatsu Datsun DeLoreanDodge Eagle Ferrari Fiat Ford Geo General Motors (GM Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Lamborghini Lancia Land RoverLexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Maybach Mazda Mercedes-Benz 
Mercury Merkur MINI Mitsubishi Nissan Oldsmobile Peugeot PlymouthPontiac Porsche Renault Rolls-Royce Saab Saturn Scion Smart SterlingSubaru Suzuki Toyota Triumph Volkswagen Volvo

Acura Auto Body Repair Shop MI

The Collision Repair Shop Auto Glass Service Birmingham, MI 

  • Auto Glass Services Birmingham, MI
  • Window Tinting
  • Rearview & Side Mirrors
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Broken Windshield
  • Auto Windshield Replacement Birmingham, MI
  • Mobile Auto Glass Service
  • Cars & Trucks
  • Auto Glass Tinting Birmingham, MI 
  • Solar Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Tint Removal Service
  • Miscellaneous Birmingham, MI
  • Insurance Paperwork
  • Expert Claim Processor
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Collision Repair

Things Birmingham Residents Should Know When Selecting A Good Collision Repair Shop

Research the collision shop you are planning on taking your vehicle to. Confirm that the collision shop you are having repair your vehicle is has the qualifications to repair your vehicle. When involved in a collision, you should never drive a vehicle that has been damaged. Extra damages might be caused due to driving. Your vehicle is one of the biggest investment you will make next to a house. Don’t ever settle for any collision repair facility, pick the collision shop you feel comfortable with. Always verify that the collision shop you have looking at you vehicle provide you with a detail estimate, this estimate should have the labor hours, damaged parts, and other things that you are being charged for. Always state your concern to the collision shop you are having repair your vehicle. A professional at body repair facility will always take the time to address all of your concerns. 

Facts Birmingham, Michigan Residents Should Know

Birmingham residents have the right to choose the collision shop of their choice. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a collision shop they specify. If you do not feel safe driving your vehicle, then do not drive it. Immediately tow it to the collision shop you feel comfortable with. 

You always have the option to leave your vehicle at the collision shop that makes your comfortable. Some insurance companies tell you to visit their drive in claim center before having work done. We suggest you leave it at the collision shop that repairing the vehicle. The collision shop can go over with the adjuster on what your vehicle needs. 

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What Birmingham, MI Residents Should Do In Case Of A Collision

1) Having first aid or an emergency kit in your vehicle can be very helpful.

2) Flares and an orange or yellow vest.

3) Charged cell phone with a camera

4) Pen & notepads to take down information

What Birmingham, MI Residents Should Collect In Case Of A Collision

1) The names, phone numbers, and addresses of all drivers, passengers and witnesses involved in the accident

2) License plate numbers, driver's license numbers

3) Insurance companies of all drivers involved
4) Registered owners of all cars

5) Year, model, make and other relevant information of all cars involved

6) Names and badge numbers of police officers and other emergency personnel

7) The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham, MI Tips When Driving In Snow

8) If you are ever stranded in your vehicle, run your motor for about 10 minutes per hour and crack your window so that fresh air can come in. Make sure that your exhaust is not plugged up by snow, this will reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Tie something  bright to your antenna so that rescuers can spot you. 

9) It is always good to have snow tires, your tires should never be less than 1/16 of an inch. Air pressure in tires decreases in cold weather. Always let your vehicle warm up at a couple minutes before driving so that oil can circulate. If your lock ever freezes up, use a lighter or match to heat the key. To keep your doors from freezing shut, it is always a good idea to keep your vehicle in your garage. If you do not have a garage you can apply petroleum jelly to the door hinges and latches. Do not ever throw hot water on your vehicle, it will freeze and it can crack your windshield. Check your oil, make sure everything is working properly. Always keep your gas tank full. Stock your vehicle with a snow shovel, ice scraper, jumper cables, flash light, a blanket, kitty liter or sand (that can help you get out if you are ever stuck, good idea for vehicles who do not have FWD) can of tire inflator and tire plugs.

10) Picking The Collision Shop Of Your Choice Birmingham, MI 

11) When coming into our collision shop Birmingham, MI you will receive great service. Our certified technicians will examine your vehicle and provide you with a written detailed estimate. Picking the collision shop that is right for you can be very difficult. We suggest our Birmingham, MI residents to always ask questions and understand everything before dropping off your vehicle. Once you have understood everything and were provided with a written estimate, you can schedule a time and date to drop off your vehicle. Our collision shop will then order all the parts your vehicle needs, they will be checked to verify that nothing is defective. They will then be painted and installed. After, your vehicle will be cleaned and detailed. Then, a call will be placed to you to come and pick up your vehicle. Our collision shop is here to help our Birmingham, MI residents to receive the upmost customer service in the city of Birmingham. If you have any questions call our collision collision shop today. 

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See What Customers in Birmingham, MI Are Saying About Our Collision Repair Service

​★★★★★ "Everyone at the shop was super helpful. They were willing to answer all my questions. I am so happy I brought my car here! Definitely more efficient, clean, friendly than any other body shop I have been to before!" - Ashley; Birmingham, MI

★★★★★ "Really happy with the work from this place, the employees were above and beyond what I've come to expect. Great service."- Andrew; Birmingham, MI

★★★★★ "One of the best body shop that I have ever been to. Very clean and straight forward. No funny business." -Ryan; Birmingham, MI

★★★★★ "They have the best prices. I had estimates from all over. They were the most fair and reasonable. Not only did they give me a great price. They also delivered great work. I will for sure be coming back to them." -Lori; Birmingham, MI

★★★★★ "Great service! My car looks better now than ever before. The people are friendly and the shop is really clean and well kept." -Darin; Birmingham  

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The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair


The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair is leading auto repair shops serving customers all over Birmingham, MI. All mechanic repair and at The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair are completed by highly qualified certified mechanics. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair repairs many vehicles with the use of with our state of the art mechanic equipment. It does not matter what type of vehicle you have, The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair repairs it all.

The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair can do it all. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair always take real great care of our customers, and will continue to so. The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair has great prices and great quality work. If you are Looking for a one-stop mechanic repair shop? Look no further, The Collision Repair Shop Birmingham MI Mechanic Repair will give you a great estimate of any automotive repair problem you might be facing. Call us today.

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