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The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Collision Repair

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI , is one of the top rated collision repair center. In our top of the line facility, we hire experienced staff who provides outstanding Detroit, MI  customers service on both domestic and foreign automobiles. The technicians at the Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI  are trained and certified in all of the newest auto body repair techniques and advances in engineering using cutting edge technology and equipment in compliance with all local and state codes and regulations.  So, our collision repair shop Detroit, MI  has a reputation of supplying the best quality care to you and your vehicle by providing efficient and reliable craftsmanship on all repairs, which is why multiple insurance companies prefer to work with us.

    We go to great lengths to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with your entire experience at the Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI .  Everyone at our collision shop understands that your vehicle is an important aspect of your life, so we will work with you to undertake any needs and concerns you have about your car or truck.  Communication is key in providing the best possible services to our Detroit, MI  customers from Detroit, MI , so our mechanics will keep you updated on the condition of your car using the latest forms of technology.  We also take the liberty of communicating with all parties involved in the process of fixing your car including your insurance company.  By providing a lifetime warranty on all parts and repairs done in our collision shop, we guarantee the quality of our work.

    The first thing you will notice when you arrive at the Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI  is the cleanliness of our facility and the friendliness of our staff.  Using the most technologically advanced equipment, our professional staff will examine your vehicle and enter the significant data to guarantee the most accurate and quick diagnosis of the problem your vehicle is experiencing.  Our prices can't be beat at the Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI .  You will receive an affordable estimate for any repairs necessary for your automobile.  So you are not left without a car while yours is being fixed at our auto body repair shop, you can use a free car loaner (restrictions apply).  After all repairs are complete, your car will be prepped and cleaned so it looks and runs like new when you pick it up at your convenience from the Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI .

    First, our collision repair shop in Detroit, MI  will review all damage reports, run both major and minor diagnostic tests with cutting edge technology and equipment, determine cost estimates, and begin auto body work on your car or truck (foreign or domestic) right away.  Our expert technicians start by removing any damaged body parts including bumpers, fenders, hoods, grilles, and the trim.  Next, they repair any structural damage by realigning car frames and chassis.  Then, our auto body experts will repair any dents or minor body damage if your vehicle has them.  Other repairs the professional mechanics at the Collision Shop of Detroit, MI  perform include the following: fixing door skins, fiberglass, MIG welding, large panel repairs, and panel alignment.  After your automobile has been brought up to code, our technicians will fit, attach, and weld replacement parts into place if the original parts can't be repaired.  Lastly, they grind, sand, buff, and repair surfaces, and apply new finishes to restored body parts.  The Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI  also specializes in the finest customized paint jobs. You will leave very pleased with the work completed by our dedicated staff.

    After getting in an accident, you might need towing and rental car services.  The Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI  provides these as well.  Our collision shop has been partnered with Hertz for many years, and they understand that our top priority is Detroit, MI  residents satisfaction.  While you leave your vehicle in the hands of our trustworthy mechanics, Hertz will provide you with a reliable rental car.  The link below will show you the services that Hertz provides. 

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The Collision Repair Shop of Detroit, MI Collision Repair Services

  • On Sight Rental Cars Detroit, MI
  • Paintless Dent Removal Detroit, MI
  • Auto Glass Repair and Replace Detroit, MI
  • Lifetime Warranty Detroit, MI
  • 24 Hour Service 7 Days A Week Detroit, MI
  • Automotive Detailing Service (Free Detailing After Every Repair) Detroit, MI
  • Towing Service Detroit, MI
  • Highly Trained Service Technicians Detroit, MI
  • State-Of-The-Art Paint Color Matching Detroit, MI
  • Handle All Insurance Companies Claims Detroit, MI
  • Free Estimates Detroit, MI
  • Frame & Unibody Repair Detroit, MI
  • Vehicle Restoration Detroit, MI
  • Mechanical & Suspension Detroit, MI


These Are Some Basic Information That Can Help You During A Car Accident In Detroit, MI:

Move all vehicles involved out of traffic if they are able to start.
Make sure everyone involved in the accident is ok.
Avoid moving an injured person as it might seriously complicate the injury.
Call the police by dialing 911 for assistance and if necessary, have them dispatch emergency medical services.
Gather information of all the individuals who were in the vehicles during the accident.
Also gather information from witness who saw the accident occur. Write down the time, date and weather condition the accident occurred in.
Watch out for what you say, do not discuss "fault" or make statements about the accident to anyone but the police.
Exchange insurance company information and notify your insurance company immediately. This is important. If it is not convenient to contact your agent, telephone the nearest office.

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When picking up your vehicle from The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI you will have super clean. Our Detroit, MI customers vehicles will be buffed, polished and washed on the outside. The inside will be vacuumed, steamed clean, wiped down, windows wiped down, and the tires looking shiny. We understand kids or pets may help dirty up the vehicle. This is how The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI shows its appreciation on using The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  for your collision repair. If you have any questions regarding your collision repair or auto detail give us a call. We would love to answer all your questions.

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The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  auto glass service recommends Detroit, MI  residents to always make sure your windshield, backlight glass, windows, and mirror's are always in great condition. Your auto glass is one of the most important structural support features of your vehicle. Your windshield, windows, backlight glass, and mirrors help protect you against injuries and make sure you see clearly when you are driving. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Auto Glass Service ensure that our Detroit, MI  residents vehicle is safe and secure and ready to protect you if an accident should occur. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  makes sure that we replace Detroit, MI  residents auto glass to exact standards and have certified technicians that know how to properly install them. Our technicians undergo periodic training with your vehicle and adhesive manufacturers to ensure that our work is of the best quality. Our Detroit, MI  residents safety is our first priority.

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit Auto Glass Service Detroit, MI 

  • Window Tinting Detroit, MI 
  • Rearview & Side Mirrors Detroit, MI 
  • Windshield Wipers Detroit, MI 
  • Broken Windshield Detroit, MI 
  • Auto Windshield Replacement Detroit, MI
  • Cars & Trucks Detroit, MI 
  • RVs Detroit, MI 
  • Heavy Equipment Detroit, MI 
  • Auto Glass Tinting Detroit, MI 
  • Solar Protection Detroit, MI 
  • UV Protection Detroit, MI 
  • Tint Removal Service Detroit, MI 
  • Miscellaneous Detroit, MI
  • Insurance Paperwork Detroit, MI 
  • Expert Claim Processor Detroit, MI 
24 Hour Towing Naperville, IL

The city of Detroit, MI  is a city known for a high volume of traffic on a daily basis and when there is traffic there are accidents. We want all of our Detroit, MI  customers to know that if you need any type of towing service in Detroit, MI  that The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service is the place to call. Our towing service will not leave our Detroit, MI  customers stranded and we will make sure that our Detroit, MI  customers have an accurate time frame in which one of our drivers will be at you location. Depending where at in Detroit, MI  most of the time we will make it out to you and your location within a thirty minute time frame. Rarely do we get backed up to the point that we’re late. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service has the best and most state of the art equipment that one none of our competitors have. We will be able to handle any type of job. Our Detroit, MI  residents can rely on us, The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service is rated one of the top towing company's in Detroit, MI. There is not a job to big or to small that The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service can’t handle. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service can tow any type of vehicle whether if its foreign or domestic or if it is an average vehicle or highland vehicle we can handle it. Here at The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service one of our nicest trucks has a low-loader bed and can literally handle any type of vehicle, if it is extremely low to the ground our low-loader bed can get the vehicle onto the bed without damaging anything on the vehicle. Most of the time highland vehicle’s need to be picked up by a company can lift such low cars, but at The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service our low-loader bed can go down to about a foot and a half from the ground. With such a reliable and state of the art bed there is no reason to panic if you have a vehicle that is low to the ground, this is how we guarantee our Detroit, MI  residents the best service.  Just give The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  Towing Service a call. We will be there no matter where in Detroit, MI . 

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI

Accidents Happen! Nobody plans to be in an accident, but The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  of auto body repair center will take care of Detroit, MI  residents if the unexpected does occur. Do you need to be towed? Do you need an estimate? Do you need help dealing with insurance? Let us help you!

     When you choose The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  as your auto body shop, the process is simple, we will write a computerized estimate and take digital pictures of the damage, contact your insurance company and reach an agreed repair price. We will order all parts for your vehicle. If your vehicle is drivable we will pre-order them and when they come in we will remove and install all the parts needed. We will handle your rental car reservation. All you need to do is bring your vehicle in for repairs and you are finished. We will handle all paperwork and will keep the insurance, rental car companies and of course you updated during the repairs. Your vehicle will be returned to you in pre-accident condition, or better. At The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  our Detroit, MI  customers satisfaction comes first. 

We Put 100% In Everything We Do!!

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Know your rights... Know these facts Detroit, MI

By law, you may have your car towed to and repaired at any repair facility you choose.
Only one estimate is required to determine the amount of damage. - Getting more than one estimate wastes your time.
Check with your agent to determine if a rental car is available under your policy.
Make sure that the insurance company pays for all covered repairs.
Choose a repair shop carefully. Your future safety depends on quality workmanship today. – The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  guarantees their repairs for as long as you own your vehicle.

        We want all of our Detroit residents to be properly informed about the laws dealing with auto body repair.

   The truth is, some auto insurance companies will do everything they can to make sure they make a profit, using “Direct Repair Shops” who are encouraged to  cut corners, by using of after-market replacement parts, using unsafe repairs that look fine to the untrained eye but can end up endangering the lives of you and your loved ones. At The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI , we are dedicated to help Detroit, MI  residents for the simple principle that after your car has been wrecked it should be repaired properly and you should be compensated for any loss of value that has concurred. We work for YOU not the insurance company! 

About Detroit Michigan

Detroit Michigan, also known as Motown or the motor city, is home to GM, Ford and Chrysler. It is where American Cars are made. Detroit is a world class industrial city..Detroit Michigan hosts an annual electronic music showcase known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. World famous DJs perform electronic music. Detroit Michigan hosts an annual 5 day outdoor food festival during the 4th of July weekend known as taste fest. It features 40 restaurants that participate in this food extravaganza. Local talent provides entertainment for the crowds. Detroit Michigan is famous as the birthplace of Motown music. Legends like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Dianne Ross and the Supremes' and the Temptations.Detroit Michigan has a variety of famous restaurants including the Coach Insignia, Fish Bones and Pegasus.

Every year Detroit Michigan hosts the North American auto show; one of the world's largest auto shows.  It is a major media event where automakers from around the world introduce new models to the world. Detroit Michigan belle isle is an island park in the Detroit River. It is the largest city park in the whole country. It is home to the Detroit Yacht club. It has nature trails and even a beach. Detroit Michigan is one of the largest American cities to offer casino resort hotels as an attraction. Greektown MGM and Motor City are some of the casinos in the city. Detroit Michigan is also home of the Lions, Tigers, Pistons and The Red Wings. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit wants to be an important part of Detroit's lively energy. We want to show the people of this great city just how great we are. Come to us we will get the job done and get it done right for a deal that no one can beat. Let us prove ourselves to you, let us be your shop of choice.      

  • Detroit, MI  Was Responsible For Most of the Booze Coming into The United States During Prohibition.
  • ​Detroit, MI  Was the First City to Pave a Road
  • ​Despite the Lions' recent track record, Detroit, MI  is the third winningest city in the US behind New York and Boston.
  • ​Detroit, MI  presented Saddam Hussein with the Key to the City in 1980, before it all started going downhill.
  • ​The very first state fair was held in Detroit, MI  in 1879
  • ​Detroit, MI  was the first city where you could get someone’s digits - the city assigned individual phone numbers back in 1879.
  • ​Detroit, MI  is home to the world’s largest tire, at 80 feet tall and a staggering 12 tons
  • ​Detroit, MI  is the only city in the lower 48 where you can actually look south and see Canada.
  • ​Based on Consumption, Detroit, MI  is the Potato Chip Capital of the World.
  • ​Detroit, MI  Was An Important Last Stop on The Underground Railroad
  • ​The Square Mileage of San Francisco, Manhattan, and Boston All Fit Into Detroit, MI  139 Square Miles
  • Vernors Is The Oldest Surviving Ginger Ale Brand In The United States created in Detroit, MI  in 1866
  • Detroit, MI  was first ever News Radio Broadcast which was called WWJ in August 1920
  • Detroit, MI  is the birthplace of Techno
  • The Detroit, MI  Marriott Renaissance Center is One of the Tallest Hotels in the Nation​​




"I was involved into a car accident near Downtown Detroit, MI . My truck was nightmare. After searching local collision shop near Detroit, MI , I took my car to The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  after hearing so many good things about them. I was like how worse can they make it. I took it in and I couldn't believe how great it came out after the work was all completed. The paint job was great. I was very happy with their service at this collision shop. I will for sure be coming back to them and I recommend every Detroit, MI  resident to use this place."- "

— Darrell M
Detroit, MI

"I am a very car savvy person. After searching for collision shop in Detroit, MI Never in my life have I seen a better car repair.  Panel work was all done. Paint base, metallic flake density and color are also dead on. Amazing for a car with $12k in damage. I will never go or send a friend anywhere else."

— Eric L
Detroit MI

"They are very easy to deal with. I got my car hit in Detroit, MI  and I didn't know what to do or where to start. So I began looking up collision shop around Detroit, MI and I ran into The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  and I gave them a call and they were straight to the point. No unnecessary charges or fees. They didn't try to get over on me because I'm a lady like most shops I here do. They waived my whole deductible. I was very pleased with the service. This is my permanent auto body repair shop from now on."

— Sandra H
Detroit MI

"I have taken all my cars to them for body repair and have always been satisfied. I've never had to pay my insurance deductible. This is by far the best collision shop. The quality of work done is phenomenal."

— Michael S
Detroit MI

"After searching for a good collisions shop, The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI is by far the best I have gone to. At this collision shop I have always received excellent attention on my car from the guys at The Collision Repair Shop. I would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent work done on a timely and professional basis. You will not be disappointed. This is the collision shop you need to go to."

— Thomas D
Detroit MI

"Coming across a good collision shop is hard. I was involved in an auto accident in Detroit, MI  when this guy came out of no where and T-boned me I wasn't severely injured but the Detroit, MI  officer was kind enough to call one of there local Detroit, MI  tow truck service. I called my insurance company on my way to the impound in Detroit, MI  and they stated that I am allowed to take my vehicle any collision shop whether its in Detroit, MI  or out of Detroit, MI . I began searching for collision shop near Detroit, MI . I came across The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI . They told me they work with all insurance companies. I told them my vehicle was hit in Detroit and I went to the Detroit, MI  police station and picked up the police report. Then The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI helped me with a free loaner vehicle. They also waived my deductible. I recommend anyone who is need of a collision shop in Detroit, MI  to try out The Collision Repair Shop."

—Melody B
Detroit MI

"Looking for a local collision shop is  was very hard. The reason is because of how picky I am. I began looking for collision shop in Detroit, MI , MI when my vehicle was involved in a hit and run. The Detroit, MI  police came and began taking notes. I called the insurance company and they gave me a list of collision shop in Detroit, MI  on where I can take my vehicle to. I told them that I found a collision shop and I would like to take it to them. I told them that The Collision Repair Shop Detroit is the place I want my vehicle to be repaired at. This collision shop did not only waive my deductible but they also provided me with a loaner vehicle as well. I'm more than satisfied that I chose this collision shop to do my vehicle repairs. If your ever in need of a collision shop and was involved in a accident in Detroit, MI  I recommend The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI"

— Sophia R
Detroit MI

"My car broke down in Detroit, MI I began looking up local collision shop in the area. I ran into a collision shop called The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI. I gave these guys a call and they were very knowledgeable of the work that needs to be performed. This collision shop performed great craftsmanship on my vehicle. I know if anyone who is need of a collision shop and looking for it in Detroit, MI, I will recommend The Collision Repair Shop. They gave me a lifetime warranty on all of my repairs. This collision shop is by far the best collision shop to go to. The body work is phenomenal I can’t say enough good things about this collision shop."

— Youlanda S
Detroit MI

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Auto Body Repair & Auto Body Paint

When taking your vehicle to a collision repair shop, you should always ask a whole number of questions. Such as how long is the repair going to take? Is the paint going to match? Do you work with all insurance companies? Do you waive deductibles and provide loaner vehicles? Have you worked on my type of vehicle? These are all very good questions to ask.

When it comes to collision repair everyone needs their car back as fast as possible. This plays a big role on parts being ordered, and your insurance company. If you are not going through insurance, then great the time just became much less. When using your insurance company The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI needs have authorization from the insurance company with everything they do. The insurance company takes 4 days to come out, and parts also take another 4 days. Once the insurance company authorizes repairs a tear down then will be made, then a supplement will be written for any hidden damages. Then The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI will have to wait another 4 days for the insurance company to come to authorize the repairs so that The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI can continue the auto body repairs.

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI will never deliver a vehicle if the paint does not look great or match. We have a lifetime warranty on paint and labor. If the paint does not match we do the job again for free. The warranty is void if your vehicle is involved in another collision. It is also void if there are rock chips or scratches. The warranty covers if the paint comes off on its own or bubbles up, or flakes off.

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI works with every insurance company. It is your right by law to take your vehicle wherever you want it to repaired. The insurance company can suggest you somewhere but it is your right and your choice.

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI provides loaner vehicles and works with deductibles some restrictions apply. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI works all the way up to $1000.00 deductible. If you have a $500 deductible and your repairs are $500 The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI will not be able to do anything for you. Unfortunately, our Detroit, MI customers will be coming out of pocket for the whole repair. You can have The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI help you with your deductible or rental. If you choose deductible which most people do, The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI can provide you with a rental for $20 or $25 day. If you do not have a deductible and you would like a rental, The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI would have to see the estimate to see how many days they can give you a rental for. If you have any questions regarding your deductible or rental, call The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI today.

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI works with all years makes and models. It doesn’t matter the type we have done every vehicle from Lamborghini to Ford to GM to Volkswagen. You are in great hands when you use the The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI


The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Technicians 

At The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI , the auto body technicians and mechanics go through a vast variety of training. We always attend seminars and new programs. These programs keep us up to date with new designs and new ways to repair your vehicle the way it came out of the factory. At The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  we want our Detroit, MI  residents to understand know we do everything in our power to maintain the best quality service we offer. 

Detroit, MI  residents are always welcome to take a tour of our facility and if they want to see the progress of your vehicle. You can just come on in and one of our staff member will love to show you how it is coming along. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  understands that your very anxious in picking up your vehicle and tiered of driving a rental or being driven around. This is why our technicians go through these programs so that way they can solve problems in a timely fashion. We stand behind our work and word this is why Detroit, MI  has rated us one of the best in the collision repair service.

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Choosing A Collision Repair Shop In Detroit, MI

Our Detroit, MI customers never expect to be involved an auto accident, but accidents do happen and we have to face them. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI wants to have all of our Detroit, MI residents informed on how to handle an accident and the collision repair process. These are some of your rights in The Michigan Department of State. The department's Bureau of Information Security, Regulatory Monitoring Division looks and controls dealerships, collision repair shops, auto mechanic shops and informs customer of their rights and if there are any complaints made, they will come and investigate the situation until an answer has been found.  

Vehicles from today and all the back to 1980 known as unitized body which you can call also say unibody. The reason this design was made by the manufactures was that can absorb impact and leaving the driver and passengers with less injury’s. They made this happen by creating crush zones in the vehicle that transmit the impact to other spots in the vehicle. The unibody is made with light weight strong steel panes and parts that have been welded together. When they designed this structure, that even made it smallest collision cause a lot of damage. They rather have the vehicle take most of the hit then the people in the vehicle. If this does occur and the collision repair shop you take your vehicle to does not repair your vehicle correctly, that can put you and your family in harm’s way. 

​The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI technicians are specialists who specialize in all cars, foreign or domestic. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI works with all insurance companies and big company fleets. A large number of Detroit, MI residents use The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI for all of their collision repair needs. It is very important you find the right place to fix your vehicle. A great deal of collision shops in Detroit, MI are dishonest to their customers and provide horrible work. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI has been rated one of the tops shops in Metro Detroit. Come by and see why everyone loves using The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI. 

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The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Mechanic Repair

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Mechanic Repair is trained to diagnose any mechanical issue you may have with your vehicle. It is very difficult to find a mechanic repair shop to trust. This is why The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Mechanic Repair is here to help. You don't have to look any further. Our mechanic technicians can guide you with great mechanic repairs. Detroit residents often go to mechanic shops and then get told something that is wrong which really is not the case. Also our Detroit customers have told us about how a lot of mechanic shops they go to charge way to much and sometimes charge for things they do not do. We understand why our Detroit customers have trust issues with trying to find a Detroit mechanic shop they can trust This is why The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Mechanic Repair could be your permanent mechanic shop. You no longer need to look any further for a mechanic shop. We make sure our Detroit customers always receive the highest quality in all mechanic repairs as well as great pricing. If you have any issues regarding your mechanic repairs, contact The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI Mechanic Repair today and see how well we treat our Detroit customers. 

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The Collision Repair Shop Collision Repair Process Detroit, MI

                Step 1: Inspection and estimate
    The repair process begins even before you leave your car with us. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  will assist the insurance companies of Detroit, MI  residents in writing the estimate, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. If your vehicle is drivable, The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  will pre-order your parts to cut down on the time your car is in the repair shop. When it is time to drop off your car, one of our service professionals will arrange for a rental car to be waiting for you (some restrictions apply).

                        Step 2: The tear down
    Once our Detroit, MI  customers bring their vehicle to the in the shop. It will be ready to be disassembled. Once parts have been removed, a secondary inspection will determine if there is any damage that couldn’t be detected initially. If more damage is found, a supplemental report will be completed, along with digital images, and sent to the insurance company. Once approved, any additional parts will be ordered and an updated completion date will be given.

                Step 3: Body and structural repair
    The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  auto body repair center uses measuring uses the state of the art measuring systems. More and more Detroit, MI  customers are requiring the use of our state of the art measuring system as part of the repair process. It is by far the most sophisticated system available in the industry today. If needed, your vehicle will be placed on one of our unibody repair benches. New panels will be prepared and installed. Using the finest state of the art equipment we return the vehicle to like new factory condition quickly and professionally. Priming, sealing, and corrosion protection is added to the new parts. All work is inspected and tested. Once these steps are completed, the vehicle will be moved to the paint department.

                        Stage 4: Refinishing
    Final refinishing is completed in our heated downdraft dust-free spray booth. The new finish is baked to ensure a hard, durable factory quality finish. The paint system utilized consists of corrosion resistant primers, sealers, color coats and urethane clear coats to provide a smooth, glossy, rust free and chip resistant surface. To ensure a perfect finish, The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  auto body repair center sprays the highest quality available. Each painter is thoroughly trained and certified to allow The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  auto body repair center to offer the life time warranty on paint and body work for all of our Detroit, MI  residents.

                Step 5: The finishing touches 
    Parts that were removed for painting are reassembled, the vehicle is realigned, and climate control is checked for proper operation. The vehicle is then detailed and any extras (such as pinstripes) are taken care of. The vehicle is inspected looked at thoroughly. After it checks out, you will be notified and a time is set for picking up your finished vehicle.

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What To Do In An Accident In Detroit, MI

    Getting into an accident is certainly not on our Detroit, MI  residents agenda for the day. But, Accidents do happen all over Detroit, MI  and when they happen you want the most professional auto body shop collision center to repair your vehicle. When we provide with collision repair at The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI , our technicians are experienced and skilled to return your vehicle back to brand new condition. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  collision repair center in Detroit, MI  works with all major insurance companies. We provide all of our Detroit, MI  customers with a written estimate free at charge with no obligation on their collision repair. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  repair center Detroit, MI  has the latest technology in repair mechanics with a staff that are professionally trained and certified with any obstacle that comes their path. Our collision repair center utilizes some of the most advanced, high quality equipment in Southeast Michigan. We have two state-of-the-art downdraft paint booths which provide a dust-free environment to bake the paint on your vehicle for a factory finish. A top of the line frame machines with universal measuring systems ensure proper alignment of full frame and unitized bodies. A lift is available if inspection or collision repairs to the underside of your vehicle is needed. Finally, each technician has a full selection of high quality tools which assist them in performing an excellent repair. When you pick up your vehicle, you'll drive away with a lifetime warranty that will last as long as you own your car or truck. 

Detroit, MI is known as the car capital of world. We have been serving Detroit, MI  with auto body repair for many years. The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI   has been rated one of the best collision repair centers to outside of Detroit, MI . Our technicians are more then happy to go one on one and explain every little thing your vehicle needs to our Detroit, MI  residents. We are not your regular collision repair center and we do not treat customers the way a dealership does. We want our Detroit, MI  residents to trust and always to ask a bunch of questions this why we stride ourselves to be the best. We don't ever want our Detroit, MI  residents to feel like how everyone else feels when they take there vehicle to just any repair facility. We all have been there and not all of us are not mechanics and collision experts. We all sometimes feel like we might be taken for a ride. Collision and mechanic work can be expensive and this is why we want our Detroit, MI  residents to feel comfortable when they leave from our repair center. 

The Collision Repair Shop Detroit, MI  is available anytime of the day for our Detroit, MI  residents if they ever need a tow or roadside assistance. Our towing service will drive to anywhere in Detroit, MI . We don't want any of our Detroit, MI  residents to be stuck or stranded. No one enjoys being broken and we don't believe Detroit, MI  does either. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call anytime. We do not discriminate towards any weather and we are available on all holidays. 

These Are Some Basic Information That Can Help You During A Car Accident In Detroit, MI

  • Move all vehicles involved out of traffic if they are able to start.
  • Make sure everyone involved in the accident is ok.
  • Avoid moving an injured person as it might seriously complicate the injury.
  • Call the police by dialing 911 for assistance and if necessary, have them dispatch emergency medical services.
  • Gather information of all the individuals who were in the vehicles during the accident.
  • Also gather information from witness who saw the accident occur. Write down the time, date and weather condition the accident occurred in.
  • Watch out for what you say, do not discuss "fault" or make statements about the accident to anyone but the police.
  • Exchange insurance company information and notify your insurance company immediately. This is important. If it is not convenient to contact your agent, telephone the nearest office.
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